Rainbow Surprise Cake

Rainbow Surprise Cake

This is the first cake that I attempted to bake and decorate back in 2011. This is the cake that started it all for me and Pink Teaspoon.

I’ll tell you the story of how it all began.  Several things led me to starting my own business and those were: losing my job, having a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design but no jobs to be found, and just having a baby a few months before and feeling the economic strain.  I was at home with no job and thinking hard how to make some extra cash.  I wanted a way to make extra cash and still be able to stay at home with my baby.  I don’t remember exactly how it suddenly hit me, but it did. I would learn how to make cakes, bake them, decorate them.  “Super awesome”, I thought.  Creating beautiful cakes would definitely let me use my creative abilities and it would be a fun job that I could do from home.  I started researching recipes and food blogs.  I would say the blog that inspired me was www.whiskkid.com.  This girl is amazing.  She has a beautiful blog, filled with yummy recipes and beautiful pictures taken by her.  Her post of a rainbow cake was what inspired me to enter this journey to baking cakes.  And well this is it, the result of a great beginning for me.


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