Jake and the Neverland Pirates Birthday Party

Finally the pictures are in!!  I am very excited to show these pics because they are my first attempt, along with my collegue, at planning a birthday party all around.  I made the cake, of course, and with the help of my colleague prepared chocolate covered pretzels and marshmallows. We also served fruit skewers, vegetables, and chips and more chocolate.  For lunch we prepared hot-dogs with pirate ship sails made by me.  I also designed the buffet/bar tags for the display, along with the labels for the bottles of bubbles, front door sign and pirate dress-up station sign.  The treasure chest I prepared during my treasure chest tutorial we used to store the treasure (favor bags).  An area for taking pictures was also set up. My colleague coordinated the games the kids were going to play.  She made a pirate ship out of cardboard and a plank for the kids to walk the plank which was pretty fun.  Her husband and my husband dressed as pirates and hosted the party for the kids.  We had a blast and here are the pics.

pirate sword fighttablescape

pirate cupcakeschips display

hotdog sails2marshmellow pops

pirate ship playgroundpirate ship2

walk the plank2

walk the plankphoto background

dress-up stationfront door sign


13 thoughts on “Jake and the Neverland Pirates Birthday Party

    • For the white sails, I used white cardstock which holds the shape better because is thicker than regular paper. I would say the bigger sail is a square of 3″x3″ and the smaller sail is a rectangle of 2″x1.5″. Cut these and with the tip of an exacto knife punture a small hole on two opposite sides of the sail like you see in the picture. Use bamboo skewers, the long ones used for kabobs, to puncture through the cardstock where you premade the small holes. The pirate sails I designed with photoshop and used sticker paper and printed them in that paper so they would be sticky. The file for the sails I will have soon for sale at my etsy store if you are interested.

  1. This party is AMAZING! I’m planning a pirate theme party for my 6 year old and I was so disappointed when I found that you aren’t in our area because I’d love to have you do the cake! Can you tell me where the cupcake toppers are from? I’ll like to order them and show your pics to a cake person here, if I can find someone as awesome as you.

    • Hi Suzan, thank you very much for your kind words and interest in my work. I am disappointed as well about not being nearby. You are definitely welcome to show the cake pics to anyone that could make it for you. The cake toppers were made by hand by me. I would love to make these and ship them to you. I’d prefer to discuss it through email, just send me one referencing Jakes toppers and we’ll discuss there. My email is dayna.perez@gmail.com. Thanks again.

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