Peacock Mini Cake

Peacock Mini Cake

Well, well…this mini cake was a couple of days part of a bigger cake layer.  Let me explain. I had baked a 6″ cake some time ago and had stored it in the freezer.  I took it out this past weekend and decided to make this cake into mini cakes.  I took my 2″ fondant round cutter and used it cut out 4 mini cakes out of this 6″ round cake.  One of my mini cakes came out really funky so I ended up with only 3.  This mini cake I decided to decorate taking inspiration from a peacock bird.  The peacock is such a gorgeous bird, royal looking, and exotic.  I found out this bird is also know as peafowl and it is India’s national bird.  The male is called peacock and the female is called peahen. The male birds use their feather train to attract the opposite sex and the female bird displays her plumage crest to scare off other female competition when looking for a partner.  In Babylonia and Persia, the peacock was seen as a royal guardian, thus being considered a royal symbol.  I think I have found my new favorite bird.  Enjoy.


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