The Little Mermaid Birthday Cake

My Daughter’s Birthday was this past August 13 and my husband decided we were going to take our daughter to the Royal Princess Banquet at Disney’s Epcot Park.  We had an amazing time during that lunch with the princesses.  First we were greeted with a picture opportunity with Princess Belle in her gorgeous golden gown.  My daughter was as well dressed with her own golden Princess Belle gown, tiara and matching gold sequin sandals.  They looked super adorable together in that picture which was going to be given to my daughter as a gift at the end of the lunch.  We were seated and enjoyed some salad, cheeses and bread from the buffet area while we waited for the delicious Norwegian food that was to be served to us.  We had started to get dissapointed since we had not yet seen a single princess around besides Princess Belle, but soon enough Princess Cinderella makes an entrance.  My daughter’s face was priceless when she first saw Princess Cinderella appear.  My daughter’s jaw dropped to the floor in surprise and disbelief at that first moment. Soon after Cinderella, Princess Aurora shows up, then Princess Ariel and Princess Snow White soon follows.  My daughter was so excited she could barely eat her food.  Every Princess took a picture with her and wished her a happy birthday.  After eating our exquisite Norwegian food, the Princess Banquet getting near its end, my daughter was handed a Happy Birthday card with all the princess signatures on it along with her free picture with Princess Belle.  She was very happy and told her daddy that this had been her “best birthday ever”. Three days after, we had a last minute get together with family and a few friends. She had a great time playing, running, laughing and sharing with some of the people we love.   We , grown-ups and children alike, played Just Dance 2014 until we could no longer dance anymore.  We looked pretty funny but it was a lot of fun.  It was a great day for all of us.  Well, this is the cake I made for her quick and unplanned birthday bash.   

10480572_10152309251851732_2300244585175295751_o6tag_160814-1806316tag_160814-183010WP_20140816_12_33_53_Pro (2)


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