What dreams may come

Dreams are an amazing engine that keeps us moving forward even if we don’t exactly know where we are headed or where it may take an unexpected turn. Dreams let us explore the possibility of something magical waiting to happen.  I have many dreams caught in my heart that want to come out and catch a glimpse of the light…to have a chance to be free of its cage.

Cage? This cage is Fear. Fear to fail.  Fear to not be ready for the challenge. Fear to not be qualified enough.  Fear to fall short.  Fear to let my family down. Fear that maybe my dreams are just mindless delusions. I want to break free of this fear.  Throw myself into the unknown and worry so much about the outcome.  I want to let the Lord Jesus, creativity, talents and passions be my guide, let them lift me up high.  I want to make amazing journeys, explore what this life has for me.  I can’t wait to take flight into what dreams may come.


Lord guide my hands to translate this dream into reality.




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