Parisian Wedding Cake and Sweets Bar

One of my life’s dreams is to visit France and a few other European countries like Spain, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, and the list goes on.  I am in love with this idea because of all the gorgeous and amazing architecture and art in these countries.  Art moves us, transforms us.  Art speaks, yells , whispers, stirs, inspires the human being and it teleports us to a past time.  The time and era of great artists and thinkers who paved the way to our life today.

I want to see the world and immerse myself in the culture and absorb the beauties of this world.  I want to start with France.  I want to see the basilicas, chapels, sculptures, vineyards, and all the most amazing accomplishments created by the hands of man.

My latest cake creation.  This is a vanilla rum cake covered in white buttercream and chic ombre peach tinted gumpaste peony and roses to decorate.  I also crafted the cake pops, mini cupcakes and fleur de lis cookies.  The cake pops are crafted out of red velvet cake and cream cheese buttercream covered in the pink colored chocolate.  The fleur de lis cookies are covered with royal icing and dusted with gold dust.



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