About Me


I am Dayna Marie

I am a 31 year old interior designer, cake designer,
a couple of other things designer, wife and mom of a happy
little girl.  Recently I have started a home cake baking
business and hope to continue expanding my knowledge
and experience.  I was born and raised in the beautiful
island of Puerto Rico.  I moved to Orlando, Florida
with my husband Erick in 2006 and in August 2010 I was
blessed with the arrival of my beautiful daughter Mia.  

I love my family to death. Family is one of the first things in my priority list.  Unfortunately, almost all of my family still lives in Puerto Rico. I am the oldest of three sisters. I guess that is why I’ve always had a kind of motherly love towards them, which I also tend to have with my friends.  Good friends are really hard to find but it is not impossible.  I have been blessed with amazing friends which I love as my own family.  I’ve known almost all of them since I started kindergarten and we’ve remained friends ever since. Here’s a few of my great friends with me at Mia’s first birthday party.  Oh, the blond girl from left to right is one of my sisters. 
I Love:
  • food, especially desert
  • to learn new things every moment that I can
  • anything and everything that has to do with arts…. I loooove
  • the color pink
  • reading
  • intelligent people
  • great conversations
  • helping others
  • Interior Decorating
  • sewing
  • Architecture
  • corsettes, bustiers and period clothing
  • ancient egypt history, well really all art history
  • art history
  • diversity, learning about other cultures is gratifying
  • honesty
  • unique looking sketchbooks, notebooks, notepads
  • crafts
  • laughing
  • the colors of the rainbow

I Don’t Love:

  • people that I can’t trust
  • insects, especially worms and anything slimy
  • wearing brown color clothing
  • vinegar smell, it makes me want to throw up
  • clutter
  • vertical blinds
  • hunter green, yuck!
  • stupid, ignorant people with no brain and nothing good to say
  • inequality
  • violence
  • my natural hair color
  • people with no class or education
  • exercising and people who say that exercise makes you happy
  • Dora the Explorer
  • not remembering where I put things away

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